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Do you wonder why your life feels or goes the way it does? 

Your wondering is a definite sign that you are on a GREAT QUEST. And you've been on this journey, perhaps without even realizing it, from the moment you came to BE. 

In an externally-focused world filled with too many situations that attempt to tell you how to  think, how to feel, what you should want, and what you should be happy with, your QUEST has probably taken many unexpected turns. And I'm imagining some have really challenged your capacity to deal with them. 

In response to being on the receiving end of this overwhelming life experience myself, I've been led to explore many mysteries about how we survive, how we find our power, the role direct and truthful communication plays in building deeply connected relationships, and how to create life moments that knock your socks off.

In other words, I've discovered a whole lot about strength, vulnerability, and self expression. 

Thousands, upon thousands of hours have been spent learning about BEING that resulted in identifying the "mechanics" of growing. 

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My Growthwork Manifesto

This was the product of thinking about the true elements, essential to the going inside the Self. I must say, it started to feel like I was breathing life into it with every word I wrote. From the key phrases to help you stay on the path to the ultimate pay-off of your intention, this Manifesto is bringing together of all of what makes personal transformation so appealing.



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Do you have a self-growth topic you'd like for us to explore on the show? 

Let us know! We'd love to know what you are interested in delving into:)

"...the most unique, creative, quirky, courageous, brilliant person on the planet." 

-Diana Malloy
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You Can Always Find Me Engaged In Growthwork! 

I have spent much of my career working in companies, many family-owned, facilitating, teaching, guiding and coaching them to become responsible for their cultures, management and ways of working together.
While in those companies, I've gotten to work with thousands of people who have chosen to be committed to their own development throughout their whole life.

I'm an entrepreneur at my core.

Not one to sit around and wait for things to happen, there's a life story behind that, but it's served me well in terms of keeping me seeking answers to the complex aspects of BEING, even when things don't go my way.
Sometime in my early 20's, I became very committed to working on the inside of my Self as a method of achieving the external dreams I'd set for myself.
By 27, I had created a model of self-development that is still in use today. At this point, I've logged in thousands and thousands of real-time hours learning, researching, and experimenting with exactly what happens when we go inside the Self and really occupy the entirety of who we're capable of BEING.
One of the most important reasons I engage in Growthwork is because I want to create the life I want without having to be good, competent, positive, or emotionally appropriate. I want access to ALL of what I was designed to HAVE. 

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Looking for your self-development to produce the kinds of results you keep hoping for? 


I am a seasoned guide, I know where we’re going, how to get there, what rewards might be waiting, and what pitfalls you’ll encounter.

I understand the feelings and fears and how you'll have to gain skill to progress to each new step. I’ve been there, hundreds of times, it's now in my bones. 

The mystery, the adventure, the unknown offers so much true opportunity to heal the difficulties, shed light on the confusing, and open up freedoms you wouldn't have really believed possible. 

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Wanting to access and free your inner creator, speaker, writer, dreamer & artist?


 I truly believe that the inner world of all of us is best served by being allowed to express the whole range of human being experiences. 

You can expect me to purposefully show up to any event, willing to surrender to the spontaneous, the unexpected, and the divinely inspired possibility in each and every moment. 

The collective coming together of any group, represents the most extraordinary opportunity to BE with Self.


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Wanting to learn how to facilitate in your business, organization or community


Business must rethink how it relates with it's people, its structure and the way we collaborate to bring more to the enterprise's mission.

I've spent 4 decades guiding owners, management and workforce members to come together and create a working environment that builds relationship rather than eroding it. 

Now I'll help you become an extraordinary facilitator of evolution, too.


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Personal Growth Begins with Big Questions

 How Do I Evolve?

How do I work, lead and live through each day and still keep my heart open? 

Or how do you experience true freedom to BE who you are capable of BEING?

How do I create the life I've always wanted? 

And lastly, what is the true nature of freedom for Self? 

 The answers to these questions, and many more, have guided my introspection and study.

Through my journey, I've learned how to create an empowered and robust relationship with myself.

And this has translated to having a clearer UNDERSTANDING about what it means to be a human being and how that intersects with the general viewpoint of mainstream society. 

As an avid student of the self-development process, I don't believe in bypassing the emotional, experiential aspects of occupying the Self. 

But to do this, there are steps and skills and wisdom needed to navigate the interplay between the conscious and unconscious.

And this is what I teach. Whether individually, in organizations, in familiies.

I call it Growthwork because it's a purposeful, intentional approach to doing life that yields a level of vulnerability and love-generating realness .

But it sure does provide a sense of peace, power and knowing you'd otherwise miss out on. 




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This is

a place to


Every Facet

of SELF 

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We're going to talk about your entire life, your Whole Self and what you really want, but have yet to create.

You'll work with your Growing Edge, practice putting the 'flashlight on yourself', experiment with growth projects to help you work at the subconscious level not driven by linear thought, and I'll help you completely own your unique, massively special BEING.

Lastly, we'll talk about the 5 Core Needs of Being Human. You'll learn about power - yours and others, how to create intimacy, all aspects of relationship, reality, our need for security, and other big experiences working in the background of every moment. 

There isn't anything this focus on Self can't create for you.

Better relationships with your family or children, a different way of thinking about work, new opportunities to express your innate and often unseen creativity, more VOICE and the comfort to share it, more financial security, more time, more love, truly ... more of anything is what I go for. No aspect of Self gets left behind with my work. 

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Take the Next Step On Your Self-Development Journey and Learn About Your Unique Way of Growing and Transforming 

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What type of Self Developer are You? 

An amazing insightful quiz that will help you discover your personal development personality and give you suggestions for what to work on next for the MOST forward movement in your growth process. 

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Find out the State of Your Life

A FREE e-book that walks you through...

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Through what lens do you see?

In my belly, I hope for each and every person to find the answers to their BIG QUESTIONS.

My journey has led me to conclude that there is no ONE way. We just have to find the one that most resonates and aligns with our core Self.

I invite you to see if the Expedition Self Official Community might offer you:

Liberating Perspectives,

Intriguing Experiential Learning Opportunities,

and a Group of Like-Minded Seekers who Offer an Invigorating and Understanding Space to Craft your Own Journey. 





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My Search for Understanding Has Fostered Deep Empathy for Being Human 

I am first and foremost a student, I do my own self-development work FIRST and have availed myself of hundreds of extraordinary teachers, modalities, personal mentors, and have always had a personal therapist, coach or spiritual teacher.

I’ve been providing teaching and 'guidework', as an organizational development consultant since my early 20's and am NOW looking forward to making it available to a wider range of lifelong learners. 

I teach growth-minded people how to connect with their inner world so they can create a more powerful, loving, evolving life.

I am a catalyst, pioneer, facilitator and bravery seeker. I firmly believe you are the source of your life and can provide useful insights to help you tap into it.

I Help Leaders Manage With Heart and Humanity

There's nothing more gratifying than getting to know people from the inside out, being able to show them how to generate more freedom for themselves and help them get in touch with all that is possible for them.

With every step of the way, I've been inspired by the idea that people can transform the way things go for them.

I think that's the way it's supposed to be -  we draft off of each other. The more I can really free myself up from being closed and afraid, the more others will. We're all connected.

Read Sam's story...


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