My Approach is Designed to Honor Who You Are at the Deepest Level

Most self development experiences focus on helping you identify the "thing" that is in the way of change or solving some problem. Inner dialogue that goes on and on about, "If I only did this differently" or "If I could just stop doing that," - drags us down because it's constantly implying we're not enough as we are. 


You are not a problem to be solved.

There's nothing wrong with you and you don't have to fix anything that's going on within. It may be the basis for the "self-help" conversation that's largely spread as a way to motivate people to grow, but it's definitely NOT how I approach self development.
I see the self development process as supporting the essence of our human journey. It's the point of BEING in our bodies and thinking and feeling. Evolving, growing, maturing, learning how to be with our reality ... understanding ourselves, forming a deeper relationship with what it means to be human ... these are the terms and domain of self development.


Sure. By getting depth of understanding, you're going to impact the DOING part of life. And it'll probably make you happier, healthier and capable of creating truly fulfilling lives. I know it's produced very REAL outcomes in my everyday. There are absolutely tangible results.


But if we just go for the fix, then we're working on a layer of the Self that's constantly being pulled, yanked and tugged because it's told it's not enough. And we just don't become MORE by doing that


This leads me to my next point. 


You've probably been involved in these programs, taken these courses, and learned in this way. I'm thinking you might be tired of the premise that something about you and your life needs to be fixed. And it's likely that even though you know more about yourself, there ARE still areas of life that haven't reflected back to you all of this hard work and effort you've expended.
You're a learner, a person in pursuit of understanding. And you're further down your path than when you started.


Let's count this a win.


But it's time to level up your game. And the way to accomplish this is to understand, more intimately, exactly where that game is being played. Within you.
And it's time to change the rules of the game so they're not simultaneously undermining your wholeness, your sense of power and connection to all that's awaiting to be naturally ignited within you.


That’s what I can guide you towards. I can't tell you how many conversations I've been in around this subject of "don't fix yourself, learn about yourself" and the relief that immediately washes across their face when they are able to lighten up on themselves.


And then it gets better. I get to watch as they begin to see their growth as an adventure, an excursion, a mystery awaiting their attention.


It's the best thing on the planet. And then they're ready to truly learn and grow and evolve. They're ready to validate what it means to be a human being and break down limiting beliefs and concluded labels in a way that frees them to make life MORE. 



Enroll in the next Growing Edge Virtual Event and receive step-by-step guidance and experiential activities that will bring you face-to-face with the exact line you have been meaning to walk in your life, but just couldn't find. 


I will give you the exercises to help you embody that space and truly step into the life you seek.


Instead of simply letting you label it and walk away, retreating into the same "self-help" thinking that has caused you to seek this journey in the first place, we're going to dance along the edge.


And when we dance, you'll understand how it's been hiding beneath and around, stealthily evading your attention. 


This Event is for committed self-developers who want more than a quick fix, they want true knowledge of themselves and how they relate to their own BEING so that they can mindfully choose to be ONE with their power, creativity and heart, each and every day.


Learn how to experientially embody that edge between what you "know" and what lies "beyond" that which you don't know. 

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