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"All of this self development stuff can result in diminishing returns if it's not customized to your unique life work."

You Are NOT the same as anyone else. Your programs and courses should help you evolve through life!


I developed this quiz as a result of over 3 decades of personal growth work.

I've come to understand that being able to identify your Growing Edge makes all of the difference in getting the maximum results from time spent in any learning experience.

And I've been able to see some patterns that I'm able to share with you through this assessment.

You'll be able to see how you fit into each type of student and perhaps rethink the next type of developmental information you seek. 


What if you knew what kind of learning experiences would accelerate your development as a human being?  

You'd probably explore different programs and look for the types of activities that offer the most growth for you. 

What if you could cause life to be 10x more conscious, engaged and actualized than working on whatever your focus is now? 

I have to believe if you knew this was possible, you'd jump at the opportunity to gain more ground in pursuit of your self actualization. 

What if I could show you the 5 ways people approach their self development helping you to choose topics and modalities more effectively? 

You might find yourself wondering how accurate the types were but in the end, you'd pick up some essential insight about what best serves you.















This quiz will IMMEDIATELY Identify:

  • Which of the 5 "self developer natures" most closely align with you. 
  • Which TYPES of self development work are best suited for you.
  • And what self development opportunities are best for your next level of growth.

Who this quiz is for:

  • Experienced Self Developers who find that their "regular programs" simply aren't getting to the core of their deepest questions.
  • Self Development newbies who want to ensure their time is well-spent instead of just "Surface Level" exploration.
  • Anyone with a deep desire to understand their own experience of BEING human.
  • Anyone who is willing to be invested in your own transformation as essential to living a fulfilled and conscious life. 
Quiz Creator & Guide of Expedition Self

Hi, I'm Sam, 

I teach BEING.

I am a catalyst, facilitator and bravery seeker.

I help people to access Self - to connect with an entirely different level of creativity, power, and courage.

I teach people how to be the source of their life so they personally understand how to cultivate more love, deeper relationship, emotionally-fulfilling work and enriched family experiences. I've been doing this work, intentionally, for 35 years. 

This quiz, designed to serve as a first step toward your upcoming personal journey, is but one aspect of a spectrum of tools that can help you find your true path.

The results are meant as a catalyst to help you make your next decision with information you didn't have before. However, like any stand alone experience, it is not the end-all-be-all of your self development. 

"Every moment you spend learning about who you are and how you came to be, you're furthering your evolution as a person. It's more manageable and exciting when this process is done within a framework you feel comfortable with." 

I hope you'll find this quiz to be super useful in crafting your future plans for self development. 

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